Ok, ok... I'm a little humiliated. I got a little carried away on the fourth and had a mishap with a sparkler. Dog-gone-it... no pun intended... I feel like I pushed the boundaries when I decided to light five at a time. Who knew that sparklers were so darn hot? Well, I'm fine - and I hope you had a fantastic holiday!

As head security guard at Deliver the Dream - I can only say that things are pretty busy for me. I know you won't believe this... but we're already working hard on our November gala. Reaching out for amazing donations of auction items... which... eh hem... somebody needs to secure... keeps me busy... but we also have an exciting bowling tournament on August 6th.

I've been told that my services won't be needed at the alley - but I swear - I could totally show my stuff. Yeah, a 300 game has always been a dream of mine. Be that as it may... we're looking like it's going to be a sold out event! Hey folks, don't forget that our goal is always to raise important funding for our families. If you're asked by our bowlers to donate to their team... please throw a few bucks their way. As fun as our events are - we have to always look to raise important support for our program expenses!!!

So, I'm going to go apply a little Neosporin - and a word of advice - if the package says "Caution"... then doggone it... use caution!!!

Fred, DTD Security Officer


We have ONE more lane left – who wants it?! The Holidays to Spare! Bowling Tournament is right around the corner and we want YOU to join us! Not interested in bowling? Come support our amazing bowling teams as a guest for only $10
(includes pizza & soda).

We will have a raffle, a liquor pyramid, a silent auction, and MUCH more for you to enjoy! Contact Katherine at ksaussy@deliverthedream.org or call (954) 564-3512 to RSVP.

Our July retreat will be our first ever retreat for veterans – and we’re hosting it in partnership with

Our Dream Girls Society women’s auxiliary group helped to fund this retreat with their efforts and support of our Community Champions event.
Thank you!

We’re kicking off an exciting new fundraising pledge drive called the
2016 Dream BIG Campaign and we need YOU!

You have become a part of our Deliver the Dream family in some way - through volunteering, attending a retreat with your family or supporting our program/events - and we are so glad you did!

With your help, this pledge drive will allow us to continue improving and changing the lives of Florida families dealing with crisis or illness.

Now here’s your chance to continue to help families in need by creating your personalized fundraising page and taking part in this pledge drive.


Do you want to help give hope and strength to families suffering with illness? Well then, join a vibrant group of women – “The Dream Girls Society” and help plan events to raise funds for one complete retreat.

We meet for about an hour once a month at Deliver the Dream’s offices; share some light appetizers and refreshments while brainstorming to find ways to help our families.

For information call Venetia Timm 954-564-3512 or email venetia.timm@deliverthedream.org.

Two of our board members, Joshua Jordan and Kelly Phillips, were named two of the Top 40 Under 40 professionals by the South Florida Business Journal. Thank you for dedicating your time to our family retreat program. You truly deserve this honor.

We would like to recognize Scott and Cheryl Lockwood as July’s Volunteers of the Month! Scott is one of Deliver the Dream’s very own board members, so we were thrilled when he decided to step up and become a family pal for our retreat for families who have experienced the death of a loved one. We were even more thrilled that his wife, Cheryl, was willing to join us for the weekend too. Both Scott and Cheryl shined as family pals, and they both brought so much enthusiasm and excitement to the retreat weekend. You would have never guessed that this retreat was their first, as they were amazing volunteers and so helpful to their families. Thank you, Scott and Cheryl, for joining us and we hope to see you both on many more retreats!

The Smith family from Jupiter (From the left- Lauren, Brody, and Steve) attended the recent retreat for families who have experienced the death of a child. “Ever since we attended, my family has accepted the life we have been given and we have found hope in knowing we are not alone in this journey. We are moving forward finally, slowly, but we are moving forward. Thank you Deliver the Dream and all your staff.”

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