Hi all! Just want to let you know that my monthly column might be a little lite this month. Yeah, my work responsibilities are in overdrive. Why? Well, can you say ''Wheels of Hope'' wagon du jour??? Ya know, I was perfectly fine with guarding one wagon... but NO... one wagon wasn't enough this year. The dream team got so much stuff for this year's raffle - they needed to add a bonus wagon!

So, now I'm responsible for two wagons loaded to the brim with cool stuff. Yup, I'm talking a drone... a go-pro camera for that drone, a margarita machine, an Amazon Echo (hey, Alexa... how ya doin?), a grill, more stuff than I can mention. Total value of the goodies is over a thousand dollars!!! Oh, did I happen to mention there's also $100.00 worth of scratch off tickets that may possibly make the winner of the wagon... a millionaire too!

So, if you want to take a chance... and help Deliver the Dream's families that are dealing with illness or crisis... you really need to pony up and buy a ticket. $25 for a chance to win the two wagons... and we'll even do a deal of three tickets for $50. Just call the office at 954-564-3512 and we'll get your ticket(s) off to you A.S.A.P.!

Until then, rest assured I'll be guarding the goods until November 11th, when one lucky winner walks away with it all!!!

Good luck!!!


Fred, Deliver the Dream Security Guard

With the gala comes our famous Wheels of Hope ''Party Wagon'' raffle. Enter to win the Radio Flyer wagon filled with all of these goodies! This year includes a second BONUS WAGON!

Congratulations to Laurie Scher


A member of the Friends Auxiliary since 2011, Laurie has served as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of the group with distinction and energy. Her innovative fund raising event planning has resulted in thousands of dollars for Deliver the Dream's Retreat Program. From Community Champions Awards, to Holiday Boutiques, raffles, on-line fund raising, Laurie's ''can do'' attitude has moved the group forward. As a respected member of Bluegreen Vacation's Resort Title Division, Laurie has spearheaded many fund raising opportunities within the Bluegreen employee group. Her generosity providing silent auction items for our events is ''over the top''. We are honored and proud to recognize Laurie as a genuine volunteer, in the true sense of the word.

Thank you, Laurie for giving your time, talents and generosity to Deliver the Dream......helping families heal, one retreat at a time!

At a Community Champions Awards Event

Original Friends of Deliver the Dream - aka - The Dream Girls: Laurie Scher, Barbara Camasso, Ann D'Aurio, Michelle Johnson, Cathy Seguine, Ellen Devine, Venetia Timm


The moment we have all been waiting for - Winterfest Boat Parade is proud to announce that the 2017 Jr. Captain is.....

GRAYSON ZRELAK representing Deliver the Dream!!!

A special thanks to all who voted in participation with this year's campaign to help bring in over 17,000 votes for all of our courageous candidates!

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